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"I’m just trying to be a dinosaur, okay? Gosh."

- Erik

"I could rob a bank with this hat…"

- Erik while playing Twilight Princess
  • Fiance: Can I have my shuffle back now?
  • Me: No, this is much more entertaining?
  • Fiance: What? Me listening to your nethers?
  • Me: You mean my belt loop?
  • Fiance: No, your nethers.
  • Fiance: Don't worry, the music of your nether is pretty epic.
  • Fiance: Right now they're playing Knights of Cydonia.
  • ...
  • Fiance: Man your nethers are really rocking out!
  • Me: That's pretty awesome, not gunna lie.
  • -new song starts playing-
  • Fiance: The club can't even handle your nethers right now.
  • Me: ...